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Lakeside park is open from 8am-8pm. Please note that groups of 25 or more must register with the Town of Liberty Parks Department at least 24-hours in advance.Call 845/292-7690 for more information. 

Historical Pavilion is open June through September from 10am to 5pm.

Restored Castle and information kiosk is located on Briscoe Road just past the former Stevensville Hotel.

NEW WINDOW HOURS FOR THE SWAN LAKE POST OFFICE LOBBY: Monday to Friday – 7am to 7pm, Saturday – 8am to 12 noon 
WINDOW: Monday to Friday – 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm, Saturday – 9am to 12 noon 

A reminder that parking at the post office is for post office customers only, and cars parked longer than ten minutes will be towed. 



No person or group of persons shall, while upon any Town Park, Playground, or Recreation Facility:


  • Be in or use the facility for any purpose during the hours that such facility is closed or when the facility or a part thereof is posted “Closed”.

  • Bring in a dog that is not on a leash. Dogs must be under direct supervision of the owner.  Owners are responsible for care and clean up of their pet.

  • Swim in lakes, ponds, or streams.

  • Carry or possess firearms of any description, air rifles, spring guns, bow and arrows, slings or any other forms of weapons potentially inimical to wildlife and dangerous to human safety or any instrument that can be loaded with and fire blank cartridges or any kind of trapping device.  Shooting into park areas from beyond park boundaries is forbidden.  This section shall not apply to law enforcement officers on duty.

  • Build or use a fire except in those areas designated for that purpose. Erect a camp, tent, or structure of any kind. Create unnecessary noise, or excessive noise in any manner.

  • Damage or deface any area, building, sign, equipment, or other property found within the park.  Nor shall any tree, flower, or shrubbery be removed or destroyed.

  • Bring in or dump upon, deposit or leave any bottles, broken glass, trash, garbage or other refuse, except in connection with the proper use of the property and placed in proper receptacles where provided for such matter, and where receptacles are not provided, such matter shall be carried away by the person responsible for its presence and properly disposed of elsewhere.

  • Conduct business, sell, or solicit in any manner unless permission is granted from the Town of Liberty Parks and Recreation Department and a permit is obtained from the Town of Liberty Clerks Office.

  • Conduct themselves in a disorderly or indecent manner or commit any indecent act or use profane, indecent or obscene language or gestures, fighting, or assaulting another person or interfere with or disturb any other person using or enjoying such facility.

  • Drive, operate, use, or bring into any park any automobile, motorcycle, mini bike, ATV, snowmobile or any other motor vehicle, except that properly licensed vehicles may be brought to designated parking areas, if any, using designated roads for that purpose unless special written permission is received from the  Parks & Recreation Department.

  • Bring or ride a horse within the parks or facilities.

  • Enter with a group comprised of 25 or more without a valid group permit. A permit must be obtained from the Parks & Recreation Department, for permitted use of any park area or facility for groups larger than 25.  

  • Bring in glass bottles.

  • Use propane and charcoal BBQ grills 

  • Have in possession or cause to be exploded or discharge any firecrackers, fireworks or similar thing.

  • Post or place any sign, placard or advertisement whatever, unless authorized by proper authority.

  • Persons failing to comply with the reasonable demands or directions of any authorized personnel attending the parks or facilities shall forfeit all privileges with regards to use of all facilities.  Refunds associated with such loss will not be honored.

  • Smoking is prohibited within 100ft of any recreation field, court, or playground.

Town of Liberty Parks & Recreation Areas




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