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Swan Lake Renaissance has been committed to making our community beautiful for thirteen years with the help of our dedicated volunteers, and through generous donations from residents like you. 

> Waterfall Bridge Landscape 


> The Lakeside Park


> The Stone Castle Gardens


> Cemetery Stone Walls & Gardens

> Gardens at Stanton Corner

> Stone Walls throughout Hamlet

Around The Town

The barrels, pots, hanging baskets, and gardens brimming with colorful flowers create a vibrant and welcoming hamlet we all can enjoy.  

The Lakeside Park

The Swan Lake Community Park, located at 1651 Briscoe Road, was designed by Tommy LaGattuta as part of a Sullivan Renaissance Project in 2006,  Work was completed by Tom and Mark LaGattuta and their crew, Daytop volunteers, and many community volunteers.  Solar lights were installed by the Gerry Foundation in 2007.  

Waterfall Bridge Landscape 

The Swan Lake waterfall is located at the corner of Briscoe Road and Route 55.  It was once the site of a tannery which became a mill.  The foundation is still visible.  The old bridge and the surrounding area was landscaped by E & T Landscape, owned by the LaGattuta family of Swan Lake and many volunteers as part of a Sullivan Renaissance project in 2005. 

Finished Castle Photo by Jonathan Hyman

The Stone Castle Gardens

The castle is located just past the  Swan Lake Resort (formerly the Stevensville) on the site of the old Commodore Hotel on Briscoe Road. The castle was created by Joe Moshini, an Italian stone mason, in the early 1930s. Helen Siedlecki headed up unearthing the buried structure with the help of E & T Landscaping and volunteers.


Gardens at Stanton Corner

Stanton Corner Road is at the intersection of Route 55, formerly known as Main Street.  At the height of the tourist industry, there were many stores on Stanton Corner, including Turetsky's (a general store),  Katz's Bakery, Langer's Fish Market, Ada's Beauty Salon, The Blue Swan Bar, a pharmacy, and many others.

Cemetery Stone Walls & Gardens

Swan Lake Renaissance restored the stone walls and added a sign to the Swan Lake Cemetery.

Restoring the Stone Walls throughout Swan Lake

In addition to the stone walls at the cemetery, Swan Lake Renaissance has also been restoring the stone walls throughout the hamlet, which we have been working on for the past three years.

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