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Newsletter 2020

Castles Under Considered for the State and National Register of Historic Sites

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The Sullivan County Division of Planning and Community Development has applied to New York State for our castle to be added to the State and National Register of Historic Sites.

Included is the castle at Presidential Estates and one on private property on Stanton Corner Road.  

Presidential Estates, with partial funding and assistance of Sullivan Renaissance, is in the process of repairing the historic castle located at the top of Pine Drive (right). The castle will be repaired, restored and landscaped. Linda Siegel, one of the homeowners, applied for the grant and

Presidential castle.JPG

will be in charge of the project. To donate towards this project or to volunteer to help Linda, please email her at

Thank you to the Gallo Family, who owns the piece of property that the castle sits on, for their continued support of all of our projects.over the last fifteen years.

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New Business

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Casa Di Longobardi Cucina Italiano, located at 4755 State Rte 55, is now open to serve up an array of dishes from large calzones to fresh-baked pizza, and pasta. The restaurant is owned and operated by Chef Castrese Longobardi, a native of Naples, Italy, and his wife, Lori DiMarco, whose family is from Abruzzo, Italy. 

The restaurant offers a warm and inviting atmosphere full of laughter, love, and where you feel welcomed from the moment you enter the door. 


Visit to learn more about their grand opening OR call 845-747-9190 to order.



Call 845-747-9190 to place an order 
4755 State Rte 55, Swan Lake NY

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